Wednesday, June 21, 2006

an epitaph for an era:

athens is a transient town. most people come here for school; they may stay around for a few more years, but most eventually head out. the reasons people leave include employment, relationships, or simple change of scenery.

i love this town, and i'm pretty much here for the long haul. though i understand the appeal of the "big city", i have absolutely no desire to move down 316.

but people do leave. friends leave.

yesterday, mcsquared left athens. he's going to stay with his folks in birmingham for a bit, but will be in hotlanta in the fall.

the hill street penal league crew has taken a number of big hits. dave c was a tough loss for me, my top wingman. AG and LB, my pals from a different lifetime. il gato and willis, the funniest motherfuckers i know. deuce deuce, sauce's oldest friend and adversary. ghost and madame parson; though i always knew they were leaving, they stayed just long enough to make me hopeful. same went for knasselhoff: we were lucky to have him as long as we did.

but this one stings in a different way. not necessarily more painfully, but more fundamentally. jknight was my home base in athens, my family; his departure leaves me feeling uprooted. a loving contingent from the old crew remains [pineapple, reno, and the sauce], and i continue to happily call this town home. but i will always mark this day as the official end of the hill street penal league era.

and i will always remember that era fondly.


Blogger christa t said...

It's weird how I know most of you 4KSers in real life but I still have a hard time remembering who's who when it comes to your little pseudonyms. If Mcsquared is who I think it is, then I hope he will let me babysit Pudge when he has to stay late for company softball.

6/21/2006 3:48 PM  
Blogger Pineapple Colonoscopy said...

I was actually thinking about this same thing today. A big sad slobbery goodbye to Mcsquared, knasslehoff and all the other dearly departed--there's always a place for you in the ATH.

6/21/2006 4:25 PM  
Blogger hillary said...

But we saw him yesterday, getting into his car a couple of blocks away. Maybe he just told y'all (and us) he was leaving.

6/22/2006 8:29 AM  
Blogger sauce said...

Touching tribute, Mikey. Really. JK was my link to you people and the reason that any of us met. I was very appreciative of him inviting me into his life at the time that we met while taking a class. I really needed a new group of friends at the time, and you guys came through magnificently. If you recall, I was going through a rough period and I attribute my coming out of it to you guys being so awesome. Gonna miss that boy. I have a suspicion that he'll move back here before it's all said and done.

6/22/2006 2:21 PM  
Blogger Reno Melons said...

I'm going to miss Mr. Knight very very much. He's one my best friends ever and he's the reason for a lot of wonderful things in my life including all the awesome people I've come to know including the tall Mr. Keene, the sauce, dave c, Mr. Ben Makin & the very lovely Mrs. Mandi Makin, and many others. I do feel lost without him here and his departure hurts quite a bit. He was one of the few people that got me and all of my many moods. He will be missed indeed.

6/22/2006 4:21 PM  

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