Sunday, November 05, 2006

Just like Sonny, I was hoping not to do this.

For most of the campaign, I was of the belief that any liberal minded person should vote "no" in the election for Governor. I'm not too excited about Sonny, but when the democratic candidates best ideas are to execute sex offenders and ban Grand Theft Auto, concerns of the six/half dozen sort begin to arise. So rather than just make knee jerk democratic vote I thought I'd sit it out until Sonny dropped this gem in the debate:

"I have a rebuttal about drugs," he responded to one query. "I was hoping I would not have to use this, but it is really about good parenting. It's about being a good model for your children and not using drugs in front of them, not driving when your young infant son is in the car. That's what, uh, protecting our kids from drugs is really about, Lt. Gov. Taylor, as you have already admitted doing."

In case you didn't know this is a reference to Taylor's admitted drug use when he was younger and his son's DUI/Vehicular homicide charges. All in one statement Sonny manages to 1. lie (I was hoping not to use this) 2. bring up the irrelevant (old drug use) and 3. bring up the incredibly personal and painful for Taylor.

For that I will vote for Mark taylor, not because i think that he should win, but in the hope that we might have a governor with even a shred of decency.


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