Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I went to see SOnic Youth the other night and was ready to leave after the first song. Either (a) I've seen too many shows and just don't really care anymore or (b) it's because I really just can't stand the new album. I've had fun at plenty of shows in the last year or so so I think it has to be (b). First time I've ever left a Sonic Youth show, out of 9 times seeing them, before the encore was over.

I did get to see these guys, which made it worth it.

Also, just got back from Thailand. Will post some pictures and words on the trip in the next few days...


Blogger Huevos McGringo said...

that's a downer, man. seeing a band you love and not enjoying it is depressing. makes me feel old. but hopefully it was just (b).

looking forward to these thailand pics.

1/15/2010 10:04 AM  

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