Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the good book.

i have a long-standing, tentative plan to read the bible. not because i seek spiritual guidance or anything, just because i think it would be interesting. much like, say... huckleberry finn, i think the bible is an important book for an aspiring-to-be-literate person to have read.

some guy over at slate had a similar idea. he's reading the bible, chapter by chapter, starting from the beginning. and he's "blogging" about what he reads. i find it engaging, and i plan on following the project for as long as he runs with it.

my hope is that following his efforts will stoke my resolve, and that i will end up reading the bible myself. a more likely result is that i will glean some interesting points from his blogging, but that laziness will prevail and i will never even really get started (let alone complete it).

but whatever that result may be, i found the first couple entries to be interesting reads. i recommend this project as a cliffsnotes type route to cultural literacy.


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