Monday, November 27, 2006


below is the post i drafted last tuesday, before leaving for philly for thanksgiving. unfortunately blogger wouldn't let me post it then, but i decided to save it for later use. at least the extra few days allowed me to be successful on the first front discussed below. enjoy:

i've been abstaining from posting the last couple weeks, for two reasons: first, i hoped to lure my blog-mates into stepping up to the plate. second, i don't have much to say.

but because i'm lame and it bothers me that it's been 10 days since our last post, i'll make an effort. this will be a classic/boring "this is what's on my mind" type commentary. my thoughts:

about this ucla thing. i'm more of a civil libertarian than most, but this doesn't bother me as much as it does some people. i mean, i think it was definitely an overuse of force. but i guess the reason i'm not aghast by all this has to do with a favored adage: if you can't tell whether something is caused by incompetence or conspiracy, it's usually incompetence [see iraq...i think]. this was just some jackass campus cop who got flustered by the situation and mishandled it. i do think the racial profiling aspect is cause for concern and investigation, i just don't think this incident is a crisis. nor is it related to the patriot act in any more than the most tenuous of ways.

on the political front, i'm obviously pleased by the results of the recent elections. but i'm not sure the dems have the political capital/cajones to roll back the patriot act, wiretap legislation, and detainee treatment stuff. they'll probably pull us out of iraq more quickly, but there's no reason to think that will make the situation there any better. dammit. this electoral victory makes me feel kinda like i did when the heels won the championship a year back: i'm briefly happy, but i quickly realize life hasn't changed a bit.

sorry for the pissy tone of those last two paragraphs. in entertainment news, i've finally become a bonafide participant in the tv show on dvd phenomenon. after punching out veronica mars in short order (first season was amazing, second season was good, the [current] third season is kinda weak), the ladyfriend and i moved on to lost and the wire. just finished season 1 of lost, which i'd never had any interest in watching because it looks stupid on the commercials. anyway, the ladyfriend LOVES it, i think it's quality. as to the wire, that show is fucking awesome (props to zig for loaning me his copies of seasons 1 and 2). i'm watching the current [fourth] season while i catch up on the old stuff (still have a season plus to go). this show has quickly jumped to near the top of my all-time favorite shows list.

hope everyone has a lovely thanksgiving. i'll be up in pennsylvania hangin at the yuengling brewery. adieu.


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