Tuesday, January 09, 2007

dumb ads / cool ads.

i'm been befuddled for a while by those sony bravia ads, the ones where they say "television for men and women". what? as opposed to the gender specific tv sets of old? what the hell does that mean. well here is something of an explanation. apparently the ad is designed for people with DVRs...plus you're supposed to be inspired to go to the sony website.

the article also discusses some previous "bravia" ads, which i checked out and are pretty cool. take a look here and here (sorry, i'm too dumb to figure out how to "embed" youtube; it keeps not working. i also can't figure out how to put pictures in a myspace comment). anyway, apparently no special effects are used one these ads, which is pretty wild in the case of the second one.

ps- though it pains me to do so, i have to offer congratulations to kbowman on his gator's impressive victory last night. "the bowman" put on an impressive display of drunken jackassery while watching the game at "the max canada" (aka- room 13; aka- the engine room). anyway, go SEC.


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