Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spring Break 07: A Diary

Thursday, 6 PM
Made stuffed poblanos (from scratch, pretty much from my own internal recipe) for the first time, and they actually turned out well/really well. The recipe I devised called for a "stuffing" of garlic, onion, oregano, safrito, chicken, mushrooms and corn, with chipotle seasoning. I'm going to sell it to Casa Grande. .
Friday, 10 PM
Garage Cafe. Birmingham. Voted Top Ten bar worth flying to by GQ. My favorite place to drink in the SE, next to McGringo's porch.
Saturday, 6 PM
VJ's (formerly Hannie B's) located in Shelby Shores, AL. Basically the middle of nowhere. Fried catfish, Credence and Skynyrd on the jukebox. They overcharged me but I really didn't feel comfortable arguing about it.
Monday, 12 PM-4 PM
Started out at RuSans for appetizers, went to the library for awhile and then met some friends a few miles west of the federal pen (where Woody Harrelson's dad lived) for bbq at Harold's. The cornbread was not quite as cracklin' as i remembered but the sandwich was nice, the staff the same, and they had a nice montage of recent customers on the wall including the senior Bushes and Rick Flair.
Monday, 7 PM
Deerhunter, Criminal Records Instore
My new favorite Atlanta band. Krauty, but not really in a cute way. Referential and Reverential without being shameless thieves. They played "Grave Architecture" for the sound check so, yeah, they're awesome.
10 PM
The Host at Tara. South Korean monster movie/social satire. Kinda reminded me of Evil Dead. As KB mentioned before, the monster is pretty awesome. My girlfriend liked the part at the beginning where all the Koreans are running from the monster and the white guy steps in to save the day. She's kinda racist.
Athens. McGringo's porch.
11 AM
Walked from Cabbagetown to Woodruff Park. Listened to some white guys play their version of what sounded like Balinese gamelan music which is, normally, fairly awesome.
Vanishing Point-kind of a mix between Two Lane Blacktop's stylish minimalism/nihilism and Cannonball Run's guttural punch, with a little bit of Easy Rider's politics. In other words, amazing.
8 PM
Watched the Mets kick the shit out of the Cardinals as I read the new VICE. Nice article on Filipino prisons. Another good one on bulletin boards.
12 PM, Nickiemotos. Nice sushi. Pass on the rice balls next time.
5:30 PM Mets' Batting Practice. Grown men push kids and ladies aside to get autographs from David Wright and Jose Reyes.
7:45-11 Freezing my ass off in the lower part of the upper deck. Entertained throughout the game by a group of frat guys and their girl friends. One guy is an expert on baseball and keeps lobbing brilliant observations and predictions. "Andruw's gonna have an insane year. Trust me. He's in his contract year." "Moises Alou. How old is that guy?" (shortly after he knocks in a run) "Jeff Francoeuer is a beast..." "Fuck Giles. He left us as a free agent and went to San Diego." (I was under the impression the Braves never offered him arbitration so he automatically became a free agent, prematurely and unwillingly...). They left after Jose Reyes hit 2 triples and the Mets went up 8-1.
12 PM Trader Vic's-1 Mai Tai and 1 Trader's Grog. Also on my list of favorite drinking spots.
8 PM GRINDHOUSE! Even Planet Terror was good, or bad. So many nods to so many amazing movies from The Beyond to Vanishing Point (duh) to Black Christmas. I'll see it again.
2 PM Tears of the Black Tiger-Style over substance only lasts so long. Some amazing shots though.


Blogger kenniebloggins said...

Good Spring Break report. Yours was better than mine, for sure. I missed your update on the remainder of the Mets/Braves series.

4/09/2007 9:30 PM  
Blogger mcsquared said...

yeah, i kinda wanted to forget about that part.

4/10/2007 5:55 PM  

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