Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my last wire post...

...is a link to a letter to the fans by creator david simon (don't worry, no spoilers). i had not yet taken the opportunity to eulogize the show, so thought i might do so briefly.

without discuss plot points, i'll just say that the last episode was fantastic, and brought more closure than i was even expecting. we'll miss you jimmy, bunk, lester, kima, carver, sydnor, daniels, rhonda pearlman, omar, bubbles, marlo, chris, snoop, avon, stringer, slim charles, weebay, bodie, wallace, dookie, michael, randy, namond, prez, cutty, gus, carcetti, frank, nick, the greek, prop joe. hell, you too clay davis, ziggy, herc, rawles, royce, maurice levy, scott templeton, cheese. i can't wait to get the [as-of-yet unavailable] deluxe full series dvd set that is surely awaiting me next christmas. the fact that so many characters are vividly etched in the viewer's mind [list compiled by memory] is a testiment to the endurability of the show and its characters. television has never seen its equal.

ps- PC brought this story to my attention, and i thought it was a quality addendum. if given the chance, i may well act out this modest act of civil disobedience.


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