Sunday, March 09, 2008

Chronicles of Stilltown pt. 3

This is really a story more about Stillwater than any of my friends. Every so often I get nostalgic for the town where I spent all of my formative years. Sometimes I still wish I lived there. T hen I think about this story. I think that even people who live Athens get a little frustrated here and there, but we should all remember how good we have it. So the next time you are angry about frat guys, hippies, hipsters, atlanta immigrants and especially being persecuted by traffic when you ride a bike, think about this nugget:

Like Athens, Stillwater is a college town. OSU students make up approximately 1/3 of the population of 70,000, similar to the ratio here. As such it seems reasonable to expect a relatively similar living experience to the ATH, but such expectations would be woefully misplaced. One warm sunny day, one of my friends was riding his bike down 6th street, which is roughly the equivalent of the atlanta highway/broad street/lexington conglomeration here only not as long because Stillwater is geographically smaller. The road at one point borders campus and the bar scene and at other points it is a main commercial thoroughfare. All of this is important to establish that he was riding his bike down a major street (very flat and perfect for riding) not though a damn cow pasture. As my friend was blissfully pedaling away, less than a mile away from a supposed institution of higher learning, a guy in a pick up truck pulls up next to him and yells:


For those of you who might feel that it would not be too unexpected to get such behavior from one of our many fine residents of Milledge Ave, bear in mind that this guy was neither 1. drunk nor 2. doing this for the entertainment of anyone else in the car. Also if this happened here there Pete MccCommons would write an outraged article the following week and the bike rider would probably get some kind of medal for courage.

If you need any furthe proof that Oklahoma sucks check out this shit. I guarantee you it will be a huge hit.


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