Friday, February 15, 2008


fucking atlanta hawks. josh smith has had some good play of late, like when he kept them in the game against the pistons. but then the very next game he has like 2 pt and 4 turnovers against the bobcats. at this point i really don't know what the hawks should do. i will say that, despite his improvement, i don't think smith is a max contract player. meanwhile joe johnson is barely shooting over 40%. i think marvin has hit his ceiling (tell me again why he was a consensus top 2 pick). law has some promise, but can't play D yet. and this year's draft pick goes to the suns. only bright spot right now is horford, who is putting up double digit rebounds consistently.

as my 30th looks closer, this hits close to home. though the bowman still does all those things (minus getting laid), and he's celebrating like his 50th this weekend. btw, his party is at the farm on saturday night, with the bowman promising free drinks for all.

finally started watching friday night lights, the show. two episodes in, i must say it is strong to very strong. btw, anybody got wire predictions? who falls, omar or marlo? unfortunately i'm starting to think neither will.

check out this video of larry the cable guy, before he "found himself". what a not funny phony. check out about 30 seconds in when it shows his seinfeld style white kicks.

does obama have enough momentum going to win this thing? he's won 8 straight primary contests, with a couple more victories coming prior to ohio/texas/pennsylvania in early march; though polls say hillary still leads in those states. still worried about those "superdelegates", though word is a few of them are talking about jumping ship on clinton to join the obama train.

the sauce is "wrangling" my lawn tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to Mr. Huevos's displeasure the Hawks make a big move today. Not sure that Bibby is a perfect fit, but they gave up so little it's a low risk trade. Thus ending the inglorious area of the Landlord.


2/16/2008 11:58 PM  
Blogger Huevos McGringo said...

indeed. assuming this trade goes through (can't take that for granted with the kidd fiasco), this should be an upgrade. and i like bibby as a mentor for law.

speaking of, even though kidd is still a great player when healthy, i think the mavs gave up a bit much for him. devin harris plus two first rounders is a lot of value. like the suns for shaq, this is definitely a trade with the short-run in mind.

2/18/2008 9:00 AM  
Blogger Huevos McGringo said...

watched the new wire on demand last night. not wanting to play spoiler, i'll just say that a very significant character gets got.

only two more episodes to come. i'm really sad.

2/19/2008 9:37 AM  

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