Friday, June 13, 2008

Stipe and Huevos McGringo Unite to Save Fireworks

No fireworks, no water, can't afford gas-- it was starting to seem like the great depression in our fair city. Fortunately a number of gracious donors, including the Mr. Huevos's firm, have stepped up to save one of my favorite events of the year. The list of donors shows that the good folks of the ATH love loud noises and pretty lights as much as anybody.


Blogger sauce said...

My girlfriend, anna, works at TSAV and she told me about Martin and her boss saving the fireworks display...pretty good stuff. I'm glad you got in on that, Mikey.

6/13/2008 1:10 PM  
Blogger Huevos McGringo said...

it's pretty pathetic that the city would think of doing away with it. one of the only events in town that unites all walks of life. what's next, the christmas parade?

6/13/2008 1:43 PM  

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