Thursday, September 04, 2008

learning new words

I learned a couple of new words in the last days:

#1: “vetting process”

#2: “shotgun marriage”

In the case of another word I had to check the spelling again: “hypocrisy”.

I have the next week off and I am trying to figure out where to go on a short vacation here in Europe. However, I might just buy some popcorn and stay home to watch CNN.

The last couple of days were the ultimate soap opera. I mean you gotta love America! So there is a VP candidate who puts abstinence on the top of her agenda and who supports no sex ed in schools. The social conservatives are thrilled. When the VP candidate announces that her 17-year old daughter is 5 months pregnant and that she’s glad that her daughter “chose” to keep the baby, the same social conservatives are quick to point out that it makes the candidate seem more like the rest of us. How could governor Palin’s daughter “choose” to make the decision if her mother is running to remove the right to choose from every American?

I feel so bad for Palin’s daughter. I guess the no sex education in her school and the abstinence training supported by her mother didn’t really work out for her. Let teens just have sex as much or as little as they want. Educate them, teach them about consequences, and buy them some condoms. Anything else is just plain illusion.

The campaign announces that Governor Palin’s daughter is getting married. I really hope that she had some say-so in this decision also. I fear however, that she didn’t. This entire thing is ridiculous. If Palin knew about her daughter being pregnant, she had to know that her daughter would become the subject of intense discussion in the media. Why in the world would you accept the VP post accepting that? That is just beyond me and once again, I feel incredibly bad for her daughter.

The word hypocrisy becomes a whole new meaning. Not because her daughter is expecting a baby but because Governor Palin is accepting the VP post knowing that her family is the ultimate proof for the fact that the policies she is in favor of simply do not work. I mean what was she thinking? She must have expected that the press does not find out. If you look at the video of her first speech, her pregnant daughter is holding Governor Palin’s new born with a huge pillow covering her stomach…

What we are seeing is the same kind of hypocrisy that makes underage kids in downtown Athens drink their heads off and pass out in the streets past 2 a.m. on a Saturday night before going to church on Sunday morning with their parents.

And what does the Palin-story teach us about the quality of McCain’s vetting process? I think my kitchen table would have been able to show better judgment as John McCain in this matter. If he would handle important decisions as a president like he handled the selection process, we can kiss America good night. I read somewhere today that one of his aids revealed, that 48 hours before the VP-announcement, McCain was still going to pick Lieberman and that Governor Palin was not considered a serious option. 48 hours and a 15 minute conversation later she is the new messiah of the GOP. And now after she was chosen, McCain is sending lawyers to Alaska to check her background again…Give me a break!

After watching Palin’s acceptance speech (and after cleaning out my ears with soap) I have to say that Palin unfortunately might after all turn out to be the right choice for the wrong reasons for the Republicans. And that is not because of her extensive experience in foreign relations being the governor of the state that is closest to Russia, like Cindy McCains pointed out. It is because of her stands on “issues” like abortion, religion, and creationism and the importance of moral issues in American politics.

The events of the last days showed once and for all: those issues should not play a role in the politics of a country that regards itself as being the forefront of everything that is right in this world. I had dinner with friends yesterday and we tried to come up with reasons for all this. Why is a progressive country like the U.S. still living in the 18th century when it comes to moral issues? Is it just religion? And why does obvious hypocrisy get rewarded by the public. We couldn’t come up with an explanation. Maybe 4KS can give us some input.


Blogger deuce deuce said...

right on, knasselhoff. all i can say is you can never underestimate the stupidity of the american public. here's an article worth looking at from yahoo news about Palin's speech last night.

the more I read about Palin, the more she makes perfect sense for the "conservative base." she toes the line like any god-fearin', middle aged, white male evangelical, but she happens to look pretty in a dress --a real breath of fresh air in the republican party.

9/04/2008 2:12 PM  
Anonymous caddy said...

but hey, the boyfriend has "bristol" tattooed on his ring finger. he's ready for commitment, dude.

9/04/2008 3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That speech was an abomination. Making fun of people's honest work to better communities when your resume includes the words "sports reporter" is not just stupid but speaks to the worst of the worst of the republican party. But hey, if you liked the folksy, straight shooter style of George W. Bush, then you'll LOVE the same thing with boobs. If only she could smirk WHILE being folksy.

I for one have always thoght that John McCain was a good senator whose primary flaws were not bad ideas but rather a desire to win that burned too strong in his declining years, a view reinforced by his dive to the right during this campaign. the selection of Palin, with its blatant pandering to women and snake handlers is the final nail in the coffin of mccain's credibility. The thought of having her one creaky, 72 year old heartbeat away from running the most powerful nation in the world is frightening.


9/04/2008 5:01 PM  
Blogger Huevos McGringo said...

pc, that is a stellar commentary. dead on.

sadly i'm certain all of the america will not agree. some of the ladies in my office were kind of impressed.

9/04/2008 6:59 PM  
Blogger kenniebloggins said...

Okay, I've had it. Why would you guys attack a person for once being a sports reporter? I've had it. I see the underhanded attack being launched at my future family and career and I consider it an abomination! Oh, the atrocity.

former sports reporter/editor, gent.

9/05/2008 12:13 AM  

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