Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another reason to vote Democrat, etc.

People have argued for years that Democrats are just veiled socialists. Republicans, on the other hand, look after an individual's pocketbook and are the true champions of capitalism. Well, here's some info to refute that argument:

By the way, Saxby can suck it and so can his (un)fair tax plan and just about everything else he stands for. I went to the UGA game yesterday and had to watch a Saxby blimp circle the stadium for most of the game. When are Democrats in Georgia going to get it through their heads that they need at least a few of the 90,000+ at a given Georgia game on their side to ever win another state-wide election? The least they could have done is get a blimp to follow the Saxby one that read "sux."

A quirky fact from the Georgia senate race:


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