Monday, November 03, 2008

the day is almost upon us...

i am so nervous about the election. don't get me wrong, there are definitely reasons for optimism. everything would have to go wrong for mccain to pull the upset. looking at the adjustable electoral map, forget about missouri, north carlina, geogia; if obama takes one of virginia, florida, ohio, or colorado/new mexico he takes it. there are some slightly worrying signs. i personally have my doubts about florida and ohio, but feel pretty good about virginia.

anyway, whatever. i'm no more qualified/knowledgable than anybody else to make such predictions. but i just feel so vested in this election. at this point, polls having said what they have, it really would be a little world-shattering if obama did not win.

fuck it. i'm just going to knock on wood and choose to be optimistic from here on out. that's what obama would want me to do.


Blogger knasselhoff said...

yes, finally! that's what i am talking about. you gotta believe huevos! it's gonna happen. just mark my words. when obama was struggling in the primaries i bought this obama magnet for my roommate in new york because she was so worried. she put it on her fridge and obama has been cruising since. it's still on her fridge, so don't's gonna happen and we'll see history in the making tomorrow.

11/03/2008 5:03 PM  

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