Monday, May 11, 2009

time for a change...

tonight, the cavs will put the finishing touch on the ass-whipping they're dropping on the hawks. but that's fine. it's ok to lose to the cavs; they feel like a team of destiny, and nobody in the eastern conference was ever going to touch them once garnett went down with injury (though it would be nice if the cavs seemed even remotely concerned that they might lose).

so where does this leave the hawks? for me, i've found these playoffs really discouraging. a few re-enforced truths:

1. joe johnson is a great player. but he is not a superstar. nor is he a natural leader. joe hasn't stepped up his game one bit in the playoffs. i'll grant you he faced almost constant double teams against the heat, and now he's slightly gimped up. but going up against guys like wade and lebron has put joe in stark contrast. he is not a star, and i don't think he ever will be. he's a scottie pippen, not a michael jordan.

2. i've long been telling anybody who will listen that josh smith was too dumb to ever be a good player. his stupidity has been nationally exposed and show-cased during these playoffs (as has his lack of an even slightly reliable jumper). his raw athletic ability may be top 5 in the league. but he's too dumb to use it properly. can't see that ever changing.

3. mike woodson is a terrible coach. terrible. the hawks offense is standing around and watching joe dribble in for pull-up jumpers; occasional post-ups by smith or horford [who is solid player, but will probably never be a real post threat]. the hawks defense (supposedly woodson's specialty) is awful as well. no double teams on wade last series, no help on lebron this series when he inevitably beats the first defender. guys should not routinely get open dunks on you in a half court set.

great efforts these playoffs by flip, zaza, and bibby. all three have played hard (and earned being resigned). but the first two are solid back-ups at best, and the latter can't have more than another year or two left in the tank.

the hawks need to shake things up. this team isn't bad, but it will never win anything. so hold on to joe and horford. trade josh smith/marvin for a real leader or decent scorer of the dribble at the SF spot (seems like a john salmons-ish guy could be had). also could we find a center so horford can play the four? anybody know gortat's contract situation in orlando?


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5/12/2009 1:11 PM  
Anonymous bubble butt said...

Gortat? HEEEELLLL no, he is Zaza Pachulia part 2. I'd say sign Shaq to a 1 yr deal and see if he can get it done with Bibby. Both have 1 or 2 yrs left. With Shaq down low, Joe can be more effective bc he wont be double teamed and Horf can be a scorer at the 4. Then get Childress back and let him do his thang as 6th man, and we have ourselves a team, especially if flip comes back.

5/18/2009 5:05 PM  

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