Wednesday, August 25, 2010


watched a couple low budget soderbergh flicks recently. bubble was pretty good. the girlfiend experience was pretty boring. most interesting thing about it is that i guess it was the spring board for that porn star to get a recurring gig on entourage. where she is pretty likeable.

speaking of entourage, i still watch it every week, but it's honestly just been "ok" the last couple seasons. however, the recent episode was an interesting turn. vince being a serious dick to E. this is kinda promsing, in terms of the "drama" of the show. speaking of the tv realm, finished up season 4 of friday night lights a few weeks ago. best season yet, by far. the changeover to east dillon was a great move. and a great finale. apparently only one more season to go, sadly. also just started watching breaking bad. very solid.

some of you may know that i started blowing up season tickets to UGA basketball last season with "truck" turner. well the next couple years are going to be interesting to watch. this year we lose nobody of consequence, bring back two all-conference level performers in thompkins and leslie, and that gerald robinson transfer should be an upgrade at point. we could contend for a conference title, no bullshit. and then next year...the dawgs bring in their first five star recruit in...i don't know, decades? ever?

lebron james is a huge douchebag.

sauce, you been foolin around on mescaline again? i'm just glad they got there before you did some unsavory acts with that dog.

has everybody seen "a prophet"? that one scene is pretty damn raw (if you've seen it, you know which one i'm talking about). great flick, the kind where i was watching it way too late on a weeknight but was too into it to even feel tired. joins shawshank and cool hand luke in the upper cannon of prison movies.


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We need to get together to watch _Le Trou_. Not only is it a great prison movie, but it was made before 1965. It might be available for instant viewing on NetFlix. We'll talk soon.

8/25/2010 5:27 PM  

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