Monday, February 19, 2007


so what's with all these tv shows having interrupted seasons? entourage takes like a six month hiatus during the middle of the season? lost does the same, as does veronica mars (the latter which is doing so has lost me as a viewer; the "first half" of season 3 was weak anyway). what's the deal? if you want to take months off between episodes, just admit that it's a new season (and that you're now putting out a weak 8 episodes per). i feel like this trend is bullshit, but i have a feeling it's not going anywhere.

this article does a good job of explaining my beef with sauce's favorite program, 24. i watched a few episodes, and i admit that it's engaging. my beef is that they always torture people on there in a variety of "ticking time bomb" scenarios. in reality, these scenarios never occur. coupled with the fact that the show's creator is a self-proclaimed "right wing nut-job", this leads me to conclude that the show is really propaganda designed to make america think torture is ok. totally plays on middle america's bogus fears. plus the creator of the show is buddies with this pill-popping fat fuck.

just started reading this, which the ladyfriend got me for christmas. i'm happy that he at least has the intellectual prowess/drive to write a book (could you imagine bushy sitting down at a type-writer? for that matter, kerry?). anyway, i'm on board.

overheard at la parilla: "i mean, i speak pretty decent spanish. you know, like 'gracias' ". said by one middle age country gal to another as they exited.


Blogger hillary said...

You know, 24 really isn't right wing. Maybe I've built an elaborate system in my head explaining how it isn't in order to justify watching it to myself, but torture doesn't always work on the show, and it often shows how it takes a toll on those who administer it. Plus, as a Canadian friend has informed me, there are a ton of Canadians who work on the show, which would imply it's actually got a subversive left-wing agenda. And David Fury.

2/20/2007 7:23 PM  
Blogger Huevos McGringo said...

"Limbaugh, a fan of the show himself, commented that 'Everybody I've met in the government that I tell I watch this show, they are huge fans.' He specifically identified Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Republican political strategist Mary Matalin as enthusiastic fans."

it's a well-written show, and i admit i was hooked for the episodes i watched (a marathon of the latter part of maybe season 4). but i believe there's an agenda there. and i'm generally not a conspiracy theorist type.

2/21/2007 3:11 PM  
Blogger hillary said...

You know what a major theme of this season is? How internment camps and depriving groups of their civil rights doesn't work.

The fact that those folks are fans of the show means, to me, that they don't pay enough attention to it, but I guess it can also mean that the show is smart enough to play it down the middle.

Really, you should watch more of it. Consider what a total pinko I am, and I can not only deal with watching it, but actively enjoy it. Now, you could say that's because I'm generally able to divorce art from politics, but that's more of a goal than an actuality.

2/22/2007 12:29 PM  
Blogger Reno Melons said...

24 is awesome!!!!

2/22/2007 11:54 PM  

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