Friday, May 25, 2007

lotto madness.

the hometown atlanta hawks got a bit of luck when it came to tuesdays draft lottery. by getting into the top three, they were able to keep their pick (which otherwise would have gone to the suns in the joe johnson trade). at the time, i must admit i was disappointed. when they went to the commercial before announcing the order of the top three picks, the hawks had about a 50% chance of winning the oden sweepstakes. but ce la vie.

now i just hope the hawks to the smart thing, ignore what they see as "value", and grab oden's running mate, particularly since the next best center dropped out of the draft. i pray that they don't make the mistake of drafting the next anderson varejao. seriously, the comparison goes way beyond the afro puffs and ugliness; only different is that he's scrawnier. i wouldn't mind picking this guy [and then shooting for this gentleman at the eleven pick], but i don't think the prior has real all-star potential. merely a solid four, which shelden could still end up being. no, the pick has got to be conley.

in an unrelated note, pitchfork gave some ink today to some ATH-related acts we know and love. the review of je suis france's new joint is not totally glowing, but has plenty of props. catch these steely dan loving cats in full force at the drunken unicorn on 7/14 or at the caledonia on 7/21. who knows, if pitchfork is writing about them they could blow up. if so, couldn't happen to the better group of guys.

also getting some press there is personal fave phosphorescent. there's a link to a free download of cocaine lights, from the upcoming third LP. give a listen.


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