Monday, May 14, 2007


pitchfork has a fairly scathing review of the new wilco record, which comes out tomorrow. to wit: "Sky Blue Sky nakedly exposes the dad-rock gene Wilco has always carried but courageously attempted to disguise. Never has the band sounded more passive, from the direct and domestic nature of Tweedy's lyrics, to the soft-rock-plus-solos format." and this from a website that gave YHF a rare 10.0.

big announcement: the big cat returneth. il gato grande has found new employment back in the classic city, and will be residing here within the month. we are exceedingly happy to have him back.

thinking about going west again in september to hang with the brownbear and scope this. the lineup is quite strong. not yet sure if it'll happen, but if it does any of 4KS's staff or loyal readership is welcome to join us.

congrats to mr. bloggins on completing his specialist degree. friday's celebratory barbecue was an excellent time. hope he enjoyed the cookie.

this weekend i saw both 28 weeks later and fracture. the prior was excellent, much better than i expected for a sequel with a new director and all new cast, etc. the latter was a solid traditional "thriller". gosling is cool. i admit it, i even liked the notebook (but mostly for the other star).

knasselhoff started a cool photo blog where he takes a picture every day for his ladyfriend's perusal. ah, the sweet lengths that one must go to in order to maintain intercontinental love. he said that everyone is welcome to take a look.


Blogger deuce deuce said...

Here's another equally unconvincing review of sky blue sky.

I'm not sure which review is more unnerving. Pitchfork caters to the ultra hip wanna be as artsy as possible crowd (is there something wrong with a guitar solo now and then or a few lyrics that actually make sense?) and Paste caters to the dorks who think that we should throw out all our cds and just listen to the white album and blonde on blonde incessantly.

5/18/2007 3:38 PM  
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