Monday, January 05, 2009


sorry for the lack of posting, ladies and gents. 4KS has been suffering through a bit of a post-election lull.

have been cruising through the wire complete series box set i received for christmas (which i requested on this very blog last summer). i won't bore people with any more holding forth on that program, except to say i spotted a cameo that PC would enjoy.

is anybody else tired of that "citizen soldier" song they've been playing before movies the last year or two. fucking terrible.

kenny and my fantasy squad, the tit whisperers, finished a solid 3rd in their inaugural year in the footbizzle keeper league. begrudging congrats to the cylindaz for their win. big props to the athens twinks for slaying the ATL in the wingjam, really wish i could have been there (i was living the good life south of the border). also props to excaliBRAH for his excellent addition to the fantasy rap cannon.

so the hawks are good. i thought childress would be missed, but he really hasn't been. as pops has pointed out, the additions of mo evans and flip murray have made up for his loss. mostly the hawks are better because bibby is more integrated with the team and is shooting well, because marvin is having a strong year (and has added 3 point range), and because of horford's continuing growth. getting josh smith back (who is better D this year) has been a big plus.

UNC dropped a tough one to BC last night. not an ideal way to start the ACC season. BC has the athleticism and length that can give UNC problems (see the final four loss to kansas). still, UNC probably remains the favorite this year. deon thompson and danny green have made big strides, and hansborough / lawson continue to be all-american caliber players.

again, i thank PC for his kind words and congratulations. for those inquiring, pencil in a june date in athens. hope all can make it.

ps- btw, check this out.


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