Monday, November 09, 2009

Movie Time

A Serious Man

I went to see a matinee showing of this movie and ended up sitting two rows in front of what appeared to be an outing from the local seniors' activity center. About a third of the way into it, some old man says to his wife, using his outside voice, "This movie is horrible. Seriously, are you enjoying this at all?"

Well, it's not horrible, in my opinion, but it's not top-notch Coen brothers either. That's not to say it doesn't have a lot to recommend it. It's got that great Coen brothers look, like Fargo or Lebowski, and there's a lot of their signature dark humor. The Coen brothers have called it their "Jew" movie, and they do basically turn the same eye on the chosen people that they did on Minnesotans in Fargo.

Still, it feels a little directionless. No so much as Burn After Reading, which seemed basically half-baked. For the Coen Brothers I'd give it a B-, above Burn or Lady Killers, but still way below their best.


Blogger Kota said...

i bet its better the second/3rd time. i too sat behind "a senior outing" and it was annoying as shit. i find myself thinking about 'A Serious Man' quite a bit. the ending was great. the beginning was great. the actors were great. i cant wait to watch it on dvd. only then will i be able to "see it".

12/17/2009 2:29 PM  

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