Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The new Jay-Z

I'm pretty excited about the new Jay-Z album, especially after the last one. This glowing/ass kissing review, though, made me a bit less excited.
Actual text from the review:
Before we start the dissection in earnest, I'm going to tell you a secret – you must promise me that you'll treasure it for the rest of your life. It applies to music, in this instance of course, but much more too, so pay close attention. When appraising an artist on their work, it is best to judge them primarily on what their objectives are. For example, if 50 Cent was trying to heal the world through music, he'd be a failure; if he was trying to make hit records and "get rich," he is clearly a success. Capisce? Oh also, wherever possible, resist the temptation for judging their objectives, and focus on how accurately the artist is achieving their goal.

There are other gems as well:
To call this an album would do it a great disservice, for it is, really and truly, an experience. Look into the dark heart of this opus, and you will find a liberated artist succeeding in precisely what he wants to achieve.

Maybe we should just stick with that song he did with Beyonce.


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