Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the boss speaks.

the news on the presidential race is coming fast, and is so readily available that it's sort of pointless to comment on. probably any "story" i point out, most of our loyal readership will be well aware of. but i thought this article makes an interested argument, the conspiracy theory that clinton is only trying to weaken obama now so that he'll lose to mccain and she can run against mccain in 2012. not sure if i totally by that (i just think she's smug, delusional, and crazed in her pursuit of power), but i like the theory.

a couple of you have heard my theory about guiliani, namely that he's making so much fucking money as a public speaker that he didn't really want to be president. thus he didn't even campaign in iowa or new hampshire, and when he lost in florida he withdrew in like 3 seconds.

this "bitter" controversy is so lame. luckily it doesn't seem to be resonating with voters. probably because what he said is basically 100% true, and even moderately religious "middle america" types know it. zealots and hard-core gun rights assholes are going to vote for mccain anyway.

anyway, what prompted this post was this story. not that it's really going to make a difference to many people beyond PC, but i'm still glad to be standing with the boss.

btw, has anybody seen or heard from the sauce? he's like a ghost. also his blog just crossed the 1 year mark with no posts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was quite happy to see two of my top man crushes joining forces. The boss's credibility would be higher if he hadn't endorsed kerry in 04, the first presidential endorsement of his career and undoubtedly an anti bush desperation move. We'll see what he has to say when me and my giant boner get to see him in the atl next week.


4/17/2008 10:40 PM  

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