Friday, June 20, 2008

Euro 2008

Germany kicked Portugal out of the European Championship yesterday after an awesome match. The game brought back memories of the World Cup 2006 in Germany. I did not have tickets for any of the games. Fortunately though there were public viewing areas all over. The most memorable moment was the Argentina v. Germany game that Germany won in the penalty kicks. I watched it on the so called "fan-mile" in Berlin where more than a million people gathered to watch the game on 15 big screens in the middle of the city in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

Huevos asked me to post the following video clip taken by my lady friend during the game. It shows how Lehmann, the German goal keeper, safes the last and deciding penalty kick. In a newspaper report a year later, a scientist published an article that proved an abnormally high heart attack rate the day of the game. I was very very close to be subject to the study....

...after the game....

Please keep your fingers crossed for Germany in the Euro 2008. I invite every 4KS member to watch the next Germany game here in Athens with me. I think the Globe shows all the games...


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