Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Even the Beatles started small...

So last week I was at Amoeba records and, after purchasing a few new releases, headed to one of my favorite sections. There I found a used copy of Faust's debut album paired with their second album So Far for about 8 bucks. What a deal. I bought it figuring it would be the jewel of my catch.
I stuck in the player when I got home and was almost immediately puzzled. Since when does Faust sound like a 70s British progressive rock band? I knew they were on Richard Branson's Virgin label at one point so, after settling into my disappointment with the record, and being too lazy, or absent minded, to pursue the CD I decided it was just the sound of a young band still finding its direction. The Stones played almost exclusively covers in their early days. Radiohead was just as boring as most bands of the time for their first one. We'll forgive Faust.

Yesterday, still puzzled, I decided to read some of the reviews on amazon.

Here is what I found:

Julian Cope wrote, 'There is no group more mythical than Faust'. Both these albums have been very difficult to find for years. Now their first two CD's available on one CD. Their debut 'Faust' was truly a revolutionary step forward in the progress of 'rock music'. Originally released in 1971, it was pressed on clear vinyl, packaged in a clear sleeve, with a clear plastic lyric insert. The black X-ray of a fist on the cover graphically illustrates the hard core music contained in the grooves, electronics, rock tape edits, acoustic guitars, musique concrete and industrial angst. The second from 1972 moves closer to actual song structure, but still remains experimental. Standard jewel case. 2000 release.

Huh? Tape edits? Musique concrete? Electronics? I must have missed those parts.

I listened to the samples and...no surprise...the CD I was given was definitely not Faust.

So I took it back to Amoeba, expecting to get rejected without a receipt.

When I explained the problem to the dude at the front desk he opened it and immediately said, "Jethro Tull." He was nice enough to refund my money which I used to buy a new, slightly more expensive version of the dual CD. In the end, it's a lot better than the Tull record I was originally given, though that's no knock on Tull.


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