Friday, December 21, 2007

Not that you need another one of these...

Some of my favorite records and downloads from 2007:

1. The Mixtape Messiah 3-Chamillionaire
Basically a record of Chamillionaire rapping over all the shitty songs they constantly play on your local contemporary adult rap station and making them sound awesome. “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em,” in which he threatens to walk away from it all, bored even with himself, is my song of the year.
2. Sachiko Kanenobu
If some American record company had the foresight to package and market this in the same way that Fat Cat approached Vashti Bunyan they would have a record of similar success and maybe a revival tour with Jim O’Rourke and Lee Ranaldo as the backup band. Kanenobu was kind of the Japanese Joni Mitchell. If I had a proper back porch, or front porch, I would probably just put this one on repeat, grab a gin and tonic, and space out for a few hours.
3. Strange Strings (reissue)-Sun Ra
Great Alabamians: Henry Aaron, MB, Truman Capote, Courtney Cox, Sun Ra.
3.5 Batman and Robin-Sun Ra and the Blues Project
French reissue of a Batman-themed jazz record by a band helmed by THEE man. Available for download here.
4. Piasa…Devourer of Men-Original Film Score by Sun City Girls
Sun City Girls being Sun City Girls which, in this case, means weird, primal soundscapes that show they’ve been to South Asia a good bit.
4. Live at the Secret Squirrel-Ham1
By the end of the set the band is so drunk they can’t finish. The promoter apologizes. Makes me miss Athens.
5. Faust IV (expanded reissue)
My favorite krautrockers next to Can.
6. 8 Diagrams Mixtape-Wu Tang Clan with Mathematics
Not as necessary as 8 Diagrams but more fun in some ways.
7. Ask Forgiveness-Bonnie Prince Billie
Bonnie does Robert Kelly. Not as good as when he did “Ignition” at Orange Twin but still worth it.
8. New MIA-MIA
9. Kabuki & Other Traditional Music-Nonesuch’s Explorer series doesn’t carry the same cultural capital as the Sun City Girls' Sublime Frequencies label but I’m guessing it’s just as essential. The covers are gorgeous, the liner notes more than adequate. And the sounds…
9. III-The Meat Puppets, The Chronic-Dr. Dre, Born Innocent-Redd Kross
Trilogy of California records I felt compelled to buy when I moved to LA. Saccharine Trust’s Pagonicons is next on the list. Along with Appetite.
10. Lohengrin (prelude)-Wagner
First part of a romantic opera by every frat boys’ favorite Apocalypse Now soundtracker. Heard this for the first time when I went to get cultured at the Disney Concert Hall. Was blown away immediately. Like most his stuff that I’ve heard it sounds like fairies and banshees and lorelai’s and will-o-wisp’s. If you know what I mean.
14. Super Roots 1-9 (reissues)-Boredoms
Both the Beatles and the Boredoms are now seen, wrongly I think, to have started out with seemingly amateur and rowdy approaches to music and moved on to more accomplished and exotic explorations. If you follow that logic, though, I guess Super Roots is kind of the Boredoms’ Revolver, though I like it a bit more.
15. Kings of the Memphis Underground Vol. 3-Triple Six Mafia
16. In Rainbows-Radiohead
If you live in our country you probably have an opinion on this one by now, whether or not you’ve heard it. I actually really like it. I don’t really expect to change your mind either way. People seem to really worship Radiohead or really resent the fact that other people worship them. Both arguments have their limits. And merits. Either way, I would put IR at #2 in the band’s catalog, right under that little thing they put out somewhere around 1997.
17. Wizard of Ahhs-Black Kids
Robert Smith plus Buddy Holly.
18. BOR Temple-The Boredoms
Down the street from my house there’s a building that, at night, when the lights are on, features a sign that reads BOR TEMPLE in glowing green. I always thought this was kind of cool, and kind of weird. It took a close sidewalk walk to discover that it actually says LABOR TEMPLE. Anyway, I thought it was a good title for this Boredoms comp I made out of various Boredom and Boredom-related stuff I found on the internet.
19. Trees Outside the Academy-Thurston
One of those records that feels like it was made in a weekend in someone’s living room.
20.Wild Gals A Go Go-Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
"Soundtrack" I purchased from the title band a few minutes after watching them put on what might be my show of the year at the Earl.


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