Thursday, December 06, 2007

supremes v. gitmo (part 3):

of all the shit the bushies have done that last 6+ years since 9/11, guantanamo bay might be the most clearly and fundamentally wrong. not as morally and viscerally appauling as abu ghraib, not as historically catastrophic like iraq in general, but probably the most clearly misguided, illegal, and frankly... unamerican. obviously this is no original thought (this point has been made by many, many times over, including by myself on this very blog). but can you really believe that our government's official stance is that they can take prisoners and hold them in military prisons, forever, without letting them see the evidence against them or consult with an attorney? this is an executive power reach that george orwell might find implausible; it is genuinely medieval. it's the kind of thing that makes you wonder if we're on the "right" side of things in any sense.

the supreme court is hearing a guantanamo case...again. let's hope the get it right...again. and that this time it sticks.


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