Sunday, December 02, 2007


In the latest of a long line of terrible trades my favorite team just traded a talented 23 year old outfielder with speed and power and hip hop album cred for a catcher (Brian Schneider) who batted .235 last year and a part time right fielder (Ryan Church) who told a newspaper last year that his ex-girlfriend was going to hell. This is the same team that traded Nolan Ryan, Kevin Mitchell (2 years before his monster '89 season), Lenny Dykstra (2 years before his monster '91 season) and Scott Kazmir (who Bill James calls a shorter Steve Carlton). Lastings could be a little loud and might have pissed off some teams with his celebrations but come on...he's FUCKING 23. Sorry. Just having a hard time digesting this given the recent and long term history of the Mets. The only way this works out is if the Mets trade Church for Johan Santana or if Schneider has the winning hit in the World Series. Both seem a little unlikely. I'll miss you LMillz.


Anonymous brian said...

Wasn't Milledge previously untouchable? Such that any trade offer involving Milledge was immediately rejected?

Somebody needs to compile a list of players the Mets could have gotten for Milledge before this offseason. I think you can start the list with actual offers of Manny, Haren, and Schmidt.

12/03/2007 2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He was on the Reyes, Wright, Gomez, Martinez list last year which, I guess, was kind of an untouchable list.

Supposedly Beane wants Gomez and Martinez plus who knows who else for Haren so I doubt that Milledge would have been enough for him. But I would much more easily stomach sending Milledge and a couple of others for somone like Haren than I would...Brian Schneider and Ryan Church?

As I said, typical Met move.


12/03/2007 3:26 PM  

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