Saturday, August 01, 2009


ahoy, loyal readers. hope all is well, sorry for the posting drought. it has been brought about by a dizzying post-honeymoon rush of work [hearings essentially every single day the last few weeks], along with numerous social obligations. some of which i will discuss forthwith.

huge congrats to two 4KSers who have wed in recent weeks. my first ever trip to vegas for MC2's was a great time. sadly the night of the ceremony i was sidelined by a bought of digestive distress [fuck you, room service steak and eggs], but all the same it was a really fun trip. congrats to he and J. secondly, a big ups to 22, who wed his lady L in a lovely decatur ceremony one week ago today. two fine human beings wedding two fine ladies. yes, congratulations indeed.

also need to congratulate the big cat on surviving his bach party last weekend. the crew was basically HC and myself along with big cat's fun loving high school crew. i was only able to attend the first night, but it was one to remember. heavy doses of brews, brown liqour, green stuff, and fireworks. my last memory was a 4am power boating trip with big cat being towed on a raft behind a small cigarette boat that was going about 60 MPH.

last night the wifey and i caught funny people. excellent film. heavier than i expected, not a slapstick at all. but a really fine film, A-. then today Z and i caught terminator salvation at the dollar theatre. a pleasant enough way to pass a sat afternoon, but a little...unecessary. C+. oh, and the wifey and i recently polished of the staircase on dvd. compelling courtroom documentary, everybody should check it out if they haven't already. A.

poet: welcome to boulevard. you're living in maybe the coolest house in the neighborhood. look forward to the inevitable throwdowns.

sports? it's summer, who cares. i watch sportscenter soley for NBA/NFL player movements. MLB just doesn't do it for me. a shout out to matt stafford, though, who is really living the dream. enjoy yourself now, matt. the next few years will, sadly, probably be made up of sacks, picks, and getting shredded by the local media.

finally caved in and got the new iphone. best money spent since the german record player.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had forgotten all about that record player. that was a pretty *solid* purchase. i assume you still have it. does it still work.

8/03/2009 1:04 PM  
Blogger Huevos McGringo said...

actually it got messed up during a rager at the deville. been meaning to get it fixed up for years now, never gotten around to it. but i still consider it a prize piece.

i hereby resolve to get it in working shape by christmas.

8/03/2009 8:22 PM  
Blogger deuce deuce said...

thanks for the kind words huevos. right back at you.

i'm working on that iphone purchase very soon as well. my phone, circa 2002, just isn't cutting it.

8/04/2009 4:31 PM  

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