Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Laura and I got back from a trip through the northeastern part of the United States and Canada a few days ago and blogged about some of our experiences. Check out our ramblings.

Olympic Stadium in Montreal. The stadium kinda looks like an alien spacecraft landed in the middle of Montreal circa 1975.

I thought y'all might get a kick out of this. It was for sale at a record store called Nuggets in Boston for $29.99! Those yankees just love our southern ways, especially if they can make a few bucks off a shitty photo in a $2 frame.

A beaver chompin' away at Acadia National Park


Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Dignified Profession...

"get rid of that vermin you call a spouse"

"the hammer"

the "texas hammer"?

another "hammer".


"insurance company ain't about to pay...can't believe they'd treat me this way"

"the california switchblade":

how long til B "The Big Cat" B ads? or maybe W "The Blizzard" M?

NBA Free Agency Predictions:

as july 1st fast approaches, the question on everyone's mind is where will lebron sign. after that, all the other free agent ballers will fall into place. my predictions for what expect are as follows:

1. lebron will stay in cleveland. they will make a trade prior to the signing in order to convince him they're in it to win it.
2. wade will stay in miami. i think he's basically said as much.
3. bosh will sign with miami as well. sign and trade of some sort for michael beasley. miami will be up there with orlando, cleveland, and boston atop the east.
4. joe johnson will sign with chicago. teaming up with rose, they will join that upper echelon atop the east within the next couple years.
5. amare will sign with the nets.

where will carlos boozer sign? who gives a shit.

btw, i am a little intrigued by this chris paul trade talk. they said he's not on the block...but not convincingly. the team is losing money, and they're afraid he's going to become discontent soon with their penny pinching ways. they might well entertain that devin harris plus the no. 3 pick offer, which would allow them unload some other bad contracts in the deal (btw, a new jersey team with paul could well change the free agency happenings). also some talk of a deal to orlando for jameer nelson and vince carter. this again would allow a big salary dump. look, paul is a top ten star in the league, no question. but it doesn't seem likely the hornets will build a winner around him, what with their salary cutting ways. so why keep him around til he gets pissed and demands a trade? don't get me wrong, i would keep him for sure. but i'm not an nba owner losing money and trying to sell my team.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

4KS Exclusive News Bulletin....

...the axis powers ├╝bercouple makes it official.

just spoke to the handsomest german of them all, our own khoff. had to inquire because his facebook status recently changed to "engaged".

when i got him on the phone, he clued me in that he and his hiromi are not just engaged. in a move conceived of that very morning, they were married at noon on friday in san francisco city hall. rings made of string, next door neighbor taking the pics, her friend brought the flowers, super laid back and cool. in classic khoff fashion, they celebrated the occasion with a bike ride to golden gate park. word is there will be some larger sort of celebration some time next year back in the classic city.

congrats to the two of them. both among the best humans in my acquaintance.