Thursday, April 28, 2005

hit 'em up, mahogany.

i'm taking the liberty of passing on an email sent by the inestimable DJ Mahogany to the crack staff here at 4KS:

I must urge you to check out the Flagpole, page 43. I call bullshit on this. If you don't have the Flagpole handy, the Krush Girls are doing a "soul & disco" dance party on Friday, May 6th. I guess I got em running scared.

i have to say mr. mahogany is right. i don't have any beef with the krush girls: as well as i know them they're both really nice guys, and i've had many a good time at/as a result of their shows. it's not their fault they get paid thousands of dollars for rendering a playlist that could be found on any 18 year old's ipod. that said, they've got a sweet enough deal going, and there's no need to steal the thunder of the new hottest dj in town.

everbody come out for DJ Mahogany tomorrow night at little kings. and be sure to make the scene early to catch the tuneful timber AND the stylings of famed comedy duo triple velcro.

Friday, April 22, 2005

RNJ 2005 Update

that's right, the second annual hill street penal league rock 'n jock wiffleball spectacular is fuckin tomorrow at 2:30. recognize. i've heard a few people might flake out for such lame ass reasons as going to see wilco at the grand ole opry or dolly parton in oklahoma city. that's some bullshit.

there will be beer, fun, and excitement. and the more recent forecast looks promising. so come get up in that.

did i mention that saucy sellers will be there? that's right, at least one member of astra will be in attendance (even if he is the albatross around the band's neck).

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

german and good-looking

attention, ATH: knut's mom is in the house. i'm intrigued to meet her, to see if she's as freakishly good-looking as her spawn. i think she'll be at wunderhaus tomorrow night, so you can peep her there if so inclined.
also, knut swears his little sister is gonna come to town for a visit before he goes home. maybe next fall. mcMtL cannot wait to take a swing at that tall german glass of water.

Monday, April 18, 2005

about astra

the following is the "about astra" synopsis from the band's myspace profile [linked to the right]. it is presented here in its gloriously profound entirety:

"a starseed called ‘astra’ was planted on a late night drive by an object in the nightsky. the music is a gift of love that flows thru us: an offering of awareness & attunement. we reflect upon the opportunity to evolve; for each and every living being to grow into our highest creative potential. at its best, the experience offers a peaceful glimpse, a moment of serenity. however, such moments are sometimes broken by chaotic frenzy, mirroring the psychic dissonance that enshrouds our daily lives. our vision is to share a multilayered sonic picture of reality, in all its brutality & beauty, so that we may someday overcome the limitations of the belief that humans are the ultimate force for good and intelligence in the universe. when our playing is at its best, we tune into a knowing beyond knowledge, beyond reason and the cerebral limitations of our current cultural milieu. we come to you as the myth."

Friday, April 15, 2005

recent astra sightings...etc

tragically, not much to report, though i've heard that astra's bassist, saucey, will be on hand to watch jon fernandes and co. kick it "old skool," as the negroes say, tonight at the 40 watt.
last friday, i ran into josiah (the drummer), while walking my pug downtown. he was dressed in a slightly crisp pair of faded levis and a this heat t-shirt, no doubt on the way home from a long day slaving over the fire at L____________ R__________. i would include a picture but i was without my Nikon. as usual, he fit the billing as the quintessentially handsome posterboy of the band.
friday night, my blessings continued with a sighting of frontman/hindu text enthusiast Wes, out for a night with his lady at the M_________ C__________. i engaged him in some brief banter about the state of the upcoming Astra ep/lp? (you tell me)...apparently they've spent a good bit of time in their 5pts compound of late, twiddling knobs, lighting candles, listening to unreleased demos from yankee hotel foxtrot, and reading the bhagavad gita (see for yourself
sadly, on this night, no saucey sightings, and no sightings of those other two guys in the band, who actually may not even be in the band anymore, ancillary spokes on the wheel they were at best
as far as when astra is playing in the next few weeks, no solid intelligence. take my advice, though, and throw the proverbial bag of rocks at the downtown cityscape on a given night and your likely to hit an astra show.
more to come soon.

friday = nostalgia

i am a newly minted professional, staring into the face of a quasi-permanent 9 to 5 grind for the first time. thus weekends should have new and profound meaning for me. and they do have significance, particularly as i imagine myself sleeping at this hour on tomorrow's morn.

but yet i approach the weekend's debauchery more reluctantly now than during my years of "academia". in point of fact i am now worried by the sickeningly drunken condition to which i am likely to render myself this night. this is a particular risk on an evening such as this, boasting as it does enumerable opportunities for revelry.

is this because the joys of drunkenness have become lost on me? surely you jest. is it that my tolerance for drink has been compromised by reduction? this holds water, but alas is not where the blame lies.

nay, these are not the reasons i am weary of tonight's busy drinking schedule. in truth, the reasons are two fold:

first, the afternoons. spending 5 afternoons a week at a desk, the beauty of a sunny day feels a stranger. spend them as i may (walking, dining, sleeping), weekend afternoons are as valuable to me as are weekend nights.

second, depressingly i am old[er]. i am simply not able to consume the same volumes, no longer able to function on 3 hours of drunken slumber, and certainly less able to stave off the debilitating effects of hangover. this revelation troubles me greatly, as i am yet a young man. i find myself wistful for the blissful constant tightness of age 19.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

rock 'n jock

the second annual hill street penal league rock 'n jock wiffleball spectacular will be held on april 23, 2005 (2pm). the event will be a joyous celebration of life and sport, particularly with an esteemed contingent of ATLiens returning to athens for the game.

what will be the highlight of the day? might it be the graceful defensive prowess of dave "the destroyer" conley? the sunbathing of the luscious meghann hummel? the consistent pull-hitting of austin "AG" gillis?

the one thing that will surely not be the highlight? the woeful pitching efforts of saucy sellers. sellers is expected to employ his famed "lull you to frustration" technique, whereby his pitches are so consistently bad that impatience forces the hitter to take a cut at a ball at least 3 feet from the strike zone.

Friday, April 08, 2005


hey, does anybody know when astra plays next? those guys don't play enough shows in athens.


hello. i'm starting this blog expressly so that i can go on saucy seller's blog and insult him. maybe at a later date i'll actually makes posts and such. maybe not.