Wednesday, December 22, 2010


From Phillip's, one of my favorite BBQ spots in LA. My other favorite is called Big Mista's.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Black Christmas. Tomorrow night on TCM. Thanks to Reno for introducing me to this in the first place.

Monday, December 13, 2010

the prez:

wow folks. just went a full calendar month without a post on here. that's pretty ridiculous. is it time to shut this thing down? i guess we should keep it around, even if it pretty much goes dormant. i don't know.

in any event, lots of opinions going around about our president. some people think these congressional elections spelled his end. others think that it will spur him to move in a more moderate direction promote bipartisanship. i for one think he's seemed super moderate the whole time he's been in office, so i'm not sure what this movement would entail. anyway, some "progressive bloggers" and such have been suggesting there should be a primary challenge against obama. that is such bullshit. first, do you think there's somebody more electable in the democratic party? howard dean? come on. second, obama is still awesome. clinton was in a similar bind after two years, and he ended up just fine (other than the blowjob thing). third, this guy makes some really good points. the most relevant to this discussion is that obama losing in the 2012 dem primary would be a GREAT way to alienate minority voters... maybe forever? the other point regarding why he can't be more "fiery" is an interesting point as well.

question: i know all of us / our limited readership are left leaning. that said, does anyone reading this believe there would be a "Tea Party" if obama was white? if a white dem president had done every single thing exactly the same, would the TP exist? i feel very confident in saying no.

coming 5 movies of the year list. get yours ready.