Thursday, February 28, 2008

it's all in the game....

a worthy obit to most feared stick-up man in baltimore. RIP, omar.

unrelated PS: cool piece on slate about jeff mangum.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My miscellany

Velvet Underground-Live at the Gymnasium, NYC (available on
From around 10th grade to my sophomore year in college the Velvets were my favorite band. Back then I always thought it would be cool to have a live recording from their somewhat under-recorded early years. I think this would have hit the spot. The sound is not really good, but it's not really good in a way that really fits the kind of rambling, bleeding, trudging, sound of a sick B-52 the Velvets were so adept at fitting into little pop songs at the time. "Sister Ray," supposedly its debut, is obviously awesome. One comment, though, on the words printed on the site suggesting this to be the "ONLY available live stuff from 1967." I could have sworn I used to own a Velvet boot from 1967. And I think the Symphony of Sound video stuff is from 1967. Could be wrong. Down, nerdiness.

Stack Waddy-Bugger Off!
Led Zeppelin or the Stones, or the Who, or the Groundhogs, fronted by Don Van Vliet, as a loose and jammy bar band playing drawn out blues numbers. Amazing drummer. The cover says it all. On John Peel's old label.

Sun Ra-Nothing Is
Space is the Place type stuff, played live.

Opening film at the Eli Roth film festival at LA's amazing Beverly New Cinema revival house (Commando and Caddyshack and Cannibal Holocaust in one month). In his introduction, Roth revealed that the film was originally called Bodies Bear Traces of Carnal Violence. 'Nuff said. Everything a great Giallo should have from awkward dialogue to awkward stares to classicly bad lines (What you are looking at is not an abstract-expressionist painting but is, rather, evidence of a murder...or something like that) unnecessary lesbian sex scenes to equally unnecessary gore.

Spanish slasher film set in Boston about a killer who not only kills people, but creates something along the way with their body parts. As Roth mentioned before it started, it's basically a constant barrage of candy for anyone in love with the genre. Endlessly creative death scenes that he obviously borrowed for the Thanksgiving trailer. Absolute WTF moments from the amazing scene one (I won't spoil it), through the mid-movie ode to Kung Fu B-movies, all the way to the incredible last scene. The nerdy contingent in the audience was playing MST with the film by the end, much to the chagrin of Roth who at one point, I think, yelled "Shut up!" It was still amazing. I really wish Mark and I had known about this one during our little Italian horror nights, even though it's Spanish.

Cannibal Holocaust
Uh...Can't say I would watch it again. But I can kinda see where they were going with it. I think maybe it's one of those movies where the history behind it is more interesting than the movie itself. The soundtrack is awesome in the same way as those other classics like Texas Chainsaw and all the Goblin stuff for Argento: bizarre, unsettling synths that the RZA probably heard a few times before he made the first Wu Tang album.

SM and the Jicks-Real Emotional Trash
My favorite SM record since Wowee Zowee. Up there with WZ, Slanted and Crooked Rain, in my book. If you were not so into the jammy stuff from the last few albums you might take a pass, though the jams are, in some ways, a bit more radio friendly this time around.

Mystics in Bali
I read about this one in the column that Byron Coley and Thurston Moore do for Arthur magazine, basically just little reviews of shit they get for free. I've watched at least one of the movies on the Mondo Macabre label. This one, though, is in its own league. Indonesian horror from the early 80s with Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park visual effects, black magic, a flying head that possibly goes down-on and definitely kills a pregnant(?) woman, and EXCELLENT translation (if you know what I mean). One of my old high school friends told me once about a low-budget, Mexican-made, pre-Alive version of Alive, called Survive. He stumbled on it somewhere around 3:30 AM on a Friday night on one of Birmingham's low budget stations. It was so bad, he related, full of cardboard sets and Z-grade values, but so amazing at the same time in that it kinda occupied it's own distinct corner of the universe. That's how this one is.

One of the highest ratings ever on Metacritic. Deservedly so.

Johan Santana

Sweet Filthiness...

Everyone knows that I gotta sauce this blog up with some sweet filthiness. I think this is wonderful and I have to share it with all of you...

love to all...

Who Knew White People Could Be Funny?

I hate Sarah Silverman...I don't think she's funny at all, but this is pretty cool...

Jimmy Kimmel is actually pretty cool, I didn't think he could bring the humor but he did...


Thursday, February 21, 2008


This might be really awesome. Maybe MB should go tape it and release a split 7" with Saucerful of Secrets.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm not cool.

After reading some of my recent posts Mrs. Colonoscopy commented that I was not doing justice to my true nature as a dorky doting dad. In order to preserve my nice guy image and torpedo 4ks's indie cred (vice will be doing of mockery of this blog next week) here is a recent picture of Pineapple Colonoscopy Jr. in all his dinnertime glory. Also, he did vomit several times recently, but there were no rock n roll vomits, which a hipper dad would have insisted on.

just arriving...

4KS has added yet another quality addition to the editorial staff. the gentleman blogger is known to many of you as mr. willis miller. his famed dry wit should very much be enjoyed by our droves of loyal readership. welcome, good sir.

Friday, February 15, 2008


fucking atlanta hawks. josh smith has had some good play of late, like when he kept them in the game against the pistons. but then the very next game he has like 2 pt and 4 turnovers against the bobcats. at this point i really don't know what the hawks should do. i will say that, despite his improvement, i don't think smith is a max contract player. meanwhile joe johnson is barely shooting over 40%. i think marvin has hit his ceiling (tell me again why he was a consensus top 2 pick). law has some promise, but can't play D yet. and this year's draft pick goes to the suns. only bright spot right now is horford, who is putting up double digit rebounds consistently.

as my 30th looks closer, this hits close to home. though the bowman still does all those things (minus getting laid), and he's celebrating like his 50th this weekend. btw, his party is at the farm on saturday night, with the bowman promising free drinks for all.

finally started watching friday night lights, the show. two episodes in, i must say it is strong to very strong. btw, anybody got wire predictions? who falls, omar or marlo? unfortunately i'm starting to think neither will.

check out this video of larry the cable guy, before he "found himself". what a not funny phony. check out about 30 seconds in when it shows his seinfeld style white kicks.

does obama have enough momentum going to win this thing? he's won 8 straight primary contests, with a couple more victories coming prior to ohio/texas/pennsylvania in early march; though polls say hillary still leads in those states. still worried about those "superdelegates", though word is a few of them are talking about jumping ship on clinton to join the obama train.

the sauce is "wrangling" my lawn tomorrow.

news bulletin:

extra, extra. so 4KS has received word that our beloved saucy is no longer a member of PUSH! apparently the band wants to keep it hush hush, but sauce don't give a fuck. he audi. that's ok by me, astra was better anyway.

no word yet on what sauce's next project might be, though a certain local indie pop group has expressed some interested in his bass jamming services. maybe it's finally time for him to start publically performing his one man experimental noise performance piece "saucetimus prime"*. or perhaps he'll instead choose to front the widely discussed and long-awaited super group "saucer full of secrets"**.

* (credit 4KS sauce nickname contest winner, jared brown)
** (credit KB and/or the poet, not sure which)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Every once in a while...

...there comes a music video that is quite shocking and Kayne's new video is very shocking. Please take a look at it and tell me what you think...

What are your thoughts on it?


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've Got A Heart On 4 U

...especially the Sauce and pretty much every guy on this board (sorry Sauce). I hope that all you can come by Little Kings on Valentine's Day for a sweaty sexy dance party with me. I got some romantic grooves that will make your hips swivel and pelvises grind. Things will kick off at Midnight. So, if you can't be with the one you love then love me...Sauce. See you Thursday.

The Mahog...