Tuesday, May 17, 2011

two sentence movie reviews...

hanna - a friend hyped this as a european style "arty" action movie. about as arty as x-men origins: wolverine. C.

battle: los angeles - preview looked really good, kinda like district 9 part II. mad formulaic though, best suited for 12 y/o boys. C-.

bridesmaids - in contrast, this moving looked dumb on previews. ended up being the best female lead comedy i can remember, a movie worthy of it's apatowish heritage. A.

the illusionist - not the ed norton vehicle that was overshadowed by the prestige, but rather the latest by french animator chomet. no triplets of belleville, but still a touching portrait. B+.

lincoln lawyer - kind of like a slightly inferior version of the gosling / hopkins vehicle fracture from a couple years ago. just keep livin', mcconaughey. B-.