Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm sure that anyone that cares has already read this. If not, it's worth it.
I'm also fairly sure, based on a number of scathing reviews like this, that his next album is gonna be awesome.
I'm kicking off my spring break by seeing him on a Thursday and Acid Mothers Temple on the following Friday.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

"You play the guitar on that MTV..."

the sauce's current band, which also features reno's "little dorito", has a new video. khoff's friend chrissy looks to be one of the "movers" in the vid. no word on whether it's gonna play or anything, but cool all the same. it's a nice tune, reminiscent of these folks.

some people may have doubted the sauce when he quit PUSH!, had no job, and was living with his parents. but now he's engaged, living with his lady, and on his way to becoming a rock star. well played, my friend.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

live from the world's biggest party...

Monday, February 23, 2009

the dearly departed.

4KS has learned that our good friend kenniebloggins plans to leave the athens area in the weeks to come. his years of weathering the long commute to newton county have taken their toll, and he plans to seek out a residence in closer proximity to his place of employ. 4KS also understands that our good friend the poet is likely to leave the classic city in the coming months.

this batch of departures again makes me think of the friends that this fine city has lost. obviously i have eulogized their departures as best i could in the past. on this occasion, i will let the words of america's greatest song-writer do the talking for me. not trying to be overly sentimental, mostly wanted share this slightly less-known dylan jam. one of my favorites:

Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan's Dream
Found at

Saturday, February 21, 2009


This blog is really great. Click and salivate.

Some of the pictures are amazing--even with shots of the food being prepared, etc. I've been looking for new restaurants to try in Atlanta for awhile and was really getting tired of yelp and the other sites. You can browse by restaurant name or type of food on the right side.

Another good Atlanta food blog:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

waltz with bashir

i saw "waltz with bashir" last friday night (with IGG). it defies easy categorization. the critical consensus seems to be that it's an "animated documentary." it is 100% animated, but it's not a documentary in the conventional sense. in it, the director (who appears on screen in animated form and is for all intents and purposes the film's protagonist) has repressed all memory of his time as an Israeli soldier in the 1982 Lebanon War. a recurring dream spurs him to finally get to the bottom of what happened through a series of interviews with his old army buddies. insofar as each interview moves the director (and the viewer) closer to the truth, the film is less a documentary than a detective story.

and i defy you to show me a documentary (or feature film for that matter) that casts quite the aesthetic spell as "waltz with bashir." the stories of the director's old army buddies (who range from an ascetic martial arts instructor to a pot-loving falafel magnate) are recreated and lent a dreamlike quality by hallucinatory, gold-tinted animation and a gorgeous electronic score. there are some moments of real, mouth-agape beauty. one worth mentioning is the director's recurring dream, a vision of entranced young soldiers wading through the sea under a beirut sky illuminated by golden tracers. it's one of the most singular things i've ever seen on film.

i don't think it's a "spoiler" of any sort to say that the source of the palpable dread and surreality permeating "waltz with bashir" is not just the 1982 lebanon war, but, specifically, the sabra and shatila massacre. it took place during the lebanon war, and involved the murder of hundreds (some say thousands) of palestinian civilians by lebanese christians with, some claim, israel's tacit support and approval. i had never heard of the sabra and shatila massacre before seeing "waltz with bashir." i know a little bit about it now because i've been quasi-castigated by a couple different people for enjoying a film which, in their opinion, attempts to let israel "off the hook" for its complicity in the mass murder of innocent civilians. i don't see the film that way, and would encourage you not to dwell too long on whether it's intended as a sort of mea culpa on behalf of israel. as i said, this is not a documentary in the conventional, journalistic accounting sense. rather, it's the director's intensely personal story of his attempt to uncover and address his involvement as a young man in something unspeakably tragic. whatever your politics, i doubt you'll have ever seen anything like it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

"that's my penis"

on this beautiful friday, here's to the men and women of law enforcement:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

4KS exclusive sneak preview...

so last friday i got to catch an advanced screening of the new comedy "i love you, man", hosted by the man in khoff's post below. it was pretty cool, got to see it for free like six weeks before it comes out. oswalt got up and cracked wise for 10 minutes so before the screening, then yelled out commentary for the first few minutes. anyway, if you haven't seen it here's the preview:

this flick was not quite knocked up (which i have to call an A), but is a cut above forgetting sarah marshall (which i like way more than the big cat, but would still grade a B-). on the whole, i rate it a B+.

basically you have paul rudd as a likeable but very awkward straight man, paired with jason segal playing a funny slacker similar to his knocked up character. excellent supporting turns by jon favreau and jaime pressly as well. this was the first "paul rudd vehicle" i've seen (i actually haven't caught role models yet), and i have to say he carried the lead role pretty well. i'm trying to think of a recent comedy character with the same sort of vibe...perhaps the 40 year old virgin scene where steve carell describes sex ("bags of sand"), but more subtle/less excruciating. lots of jokes and attempts at hip lingo that fail miserably. the character is sort of like the sauce minus all the anger.

on the whole, it was definitely a great way to kick of a weekend. i encourage everybody to scope it when it comes out in late march.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Thursday, February 05, 2009


perhaps as a perverse reaction to the wire's departure from the airwaves, my television viewing preferences have made a dive into some intellectually [and perhaps morally] indefensible programming. i've sampled most of the more base reality shows, and have a particular fondness for rock of love. last night, i watched the first episode of "for the love of ray j" (ray j being the dude that made a sex tape with kardashian). it's terrible. i'm in.

anyway, whatever. all that is just a seque to this interesting panel discussion on those types of shows:

In The Know: Are Reality Shows Setting Unrealistic Standards For Skanks?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Boss and The Sauce

I thought I'd mention Saucy on 4KS, since it has been awhile. After a pensive set of originals from Venice is Sinking Friday night in Decatur, Saucy fired up his ol' Les Paul Jr. and crushed Bruce Springsteen's "I'm Going Down." Who needs the real thing at the Super Bowl, when you can get a taste of the Sauce right down the street?