Thursday, January 13, 2011

Colbert's "Sell-Out Off":

this was a pretty top notch feature by colbert, who i become more and more convinced is a genius. good the whole way, but relevant portion picks up at about 4:20.

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i think VW kinda sucks, and i don't really know BK's stuff, but i give both bands points for taking part.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Top 5 Flicks of 2010:

my personal top 5...

1. A Prophet - expressed my appreciation for this masterpiece previously. as i said then, it joins shawshank and cool hand luke in the upper echelon of prison flicks (zig, i still haven't seen le trou but i might get it from netflix this week). anyway, this movie has a couple seriously raw scenes. on the whole, i think it's a great depiction of the brutality / yet delicacy involved in navigating human power structure.
2. Black Swan - had read mixed reviews, and honestly went in expecting to be underwhelmed. but this flick is fantastic. the closing 20 min or so (the opening night) is dizzying and beautiful. aronofsky's best film to date.
3. Inception - commented on this briefly in comment to HC's post. conversations trying to decipher what was really going on in this one were pretty common for a few weeks there. as i indicated, i think i agree with this piece that HC forwarded me. regardless of various possible levels of reality, this was a true "edge of the seat" thriller for me. succeeded in reality bending in a way that the similar shutter island failed. i was totally zoned in on this flick from start to finish, as was the whole opening weekend audience.
4. The Social Network - a very enjoyable (and "topical") film. well written, well acted. eisenberg may be around for a while.
5. The Fighter - have never seen christian bale play such a funny and magnetic character. he was funny in american psycho i guess, but this character showed range for a great actor whose only flaw is that he seems like he maybe takes himself too seriously. wahlberg was also great, as was amy adams. similar to #1, it joins exclusive company as a top 3 boxing movie (obviously the other two being rocky and raging bull).

honorable mention:
true grit, cyrus, i am love.

overrated/disappointing list:
avatar, alice in wonderland, greenberg.

your top fives?