Thursday, January 31, 2008

I may be at my quota for arcade fire posts, but...

This is pretty cool. I just stareted reading the Harry Potter books and some of the scenes in this video remind me of the end of the second book.

Monday, January 28, 2008

fuck bill clinton.

in the past, i've been a big bill clinton fan. in fact, i may have even uttered at some point that i wouldn't mind sleeping with the man. but fuck him. he is totally doing a crude hatchet job on obama, with his attempts at racially polarizing innuendo. doing all the dirty work so hillary can pretend she is above mud-slinging. i hope both of them enjoyed getting more than doubled by obama in the south carolina primary. hopefully this victory creates the momentum obama needs for super tuesday.

ps- to wire viewers, can you believe who fell last night? i won't spoil it for those who haven't caught it, but this beloved character was coldly betrayed and executed. the shit is really about to hit the fan with omar's return. i'm guessing that snoop dies soon, and will be followed shortly by either chris and marlo or omar. the newspaper story line is struggling a bit to get traction, and mcnulty and lester's little project seems far fetched, but i think this season is going to seriously start moving.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

DJ Mahogany's Cassingles Dance Party Friday

Hello all my fellow sexxxy 4KSers,

Yesterday at St. Mary's I grabbed a patient from to do a chest x-ray on him. He smelled as if he recently vomited. I could see a few chunks on his bed and I could tell he was in a new different hospital gown. He was a very nice man and he was with it as well. Once I got him to the department and I asked him to stand and he did. Suddenly, I smelled something else besides the residual vomit. I thought it was a just a simple fart because a lot patients throw "caution to the wind". After I took his x-ray I noticed the smell didn't go away. I realized that he taking a full on poop in his pants. Oh man, it smelled so bad. When I saw my x-ray I saw that I had to take another picture. When I asked him to get out of bed again, I saw a brown oily stain on the sheet he was on. I got pretty nauseated. It was so out of control. I had to hold my breath literally the whole time I was in there. In fact the combination of residual vomit & poop smelled so bad that I had to take him back to where I got him from because the smell began to filter everywhere and I mean everywhere.

So, the basis for that story is you should come to Little Kings on Friday night for my cassette singles dance party. I got some sweet stank booty jams for everyone to dance to on Friday. Stank booty jams so strong that you'll be sweetly nauseated on the dance floor. I got some great stuff lined up like the Spin Doctors, Ace Of Base, Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, SWV, Bell Biv DeVoe, KLF, Tag Team, and other slothy stuff from the late 80s & 90s. It's free and it will kick off at Midnight.

Also, if you're hungry on Saturday night come to the Farm for some soulful delights DJ Mahogany style. I'll be supplying dinner music starting at 9 pm...some salacious slow jams and then the dance party will kick off around 11/11:30 pmish. The dance party is free as well. I would love to see any of you if you can come out. Stay sexy...


Stomping Grapes

At the special request of Mr. Huevos - an oldie but a goodie.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Ron Nader

So, apparently if you are one of the kids these days you are wearing a "Ron Paul" button (or hanging up one of those "Re-love-ution" banners). Like, if you voted for (or, more likely, would have vote for - if you were old enough) Nader in '00, you are voting for Paul this year. I'm making this statement based on nothing more than the observation that several record store clerks and waitresses are wearing the buttons, so it's possible that I'm blowing this out of proportion, but I think I'm generally right about this.

This is a little odd, right? I mean Paul and Nader aren't just different; they are diametrically opposed on every issue. Well, I guess, they are together on the war, but being against the war isn't exactly re-love-utionary these days.

Is this just a result of college students not knowing shit about anything (I will gladly include my 20-year-old self in that category), or is Goldwater Republicanism the new hip thing?

DJ Mahogany's "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" Dance Party

Hi Everyone,

I hope all of you are doing well. The new year is upon us and I've got great things in store for DJ Mahogany. First up, I'm dishing up a dance party where all the tracks that will be played will be from a movie soundtrack. It's Friday night @ Little Kings. The songs will kick off at Midnight. There's no cover and I hope to see all of you there. I'll be playing a variety of stuff including songs from the soundtrack of this movie. Take a look and see if you recognize this awesome flick.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


the iowa caucuses are tonight, and the big story on my yahoo news homepage is that obama experienced a surge in the polls there. he's now a few points up on edwards, with hillary a few further behind. this is awesome. i like hillary [and edwards for that matter], and i think she's as smart as they come, but i don't see why the dems should tempt fate on this must-win election by nominating a candidate that 45% of america hates. hillary has a very modest lead in new hampshire, but i'm sure whoever wins iowa will experience an upswing. president obama would be almost too good to be true. we shall see.

hawks update. despite two recent losses (to dallas and cleveland), the hometown atlanta hawks are looking strong. horford is legit, and is already the most valuable hawks player not named joe johnson (and in a couple years could give him a run for his money). props to the bowman on that call, even if it was made mostly on UF loyalty; i knew he would be solid, but he's better than i expected. friends and followers of 4KS my know my opinion of josh smith: that he is an athletic freak, but is a chucker with no instincts for the game. i still basically hold to that, but i concede that the last few games he has played within himself a tad better (though i might have this perception largely beacuse he has been missing big parts of late games with foul trouble). if smith can realize that he's a finisher (not a creator), and realize that defense is about more than blocks and steals, he could be a great player. but i still hope the hawks trade him rather than resign him. as to other hawks...marvin williams is now money on spot up jumpers, anthony johnson has been surprisingly solid, zaza is suited as a backup, and law could be the point the hawks need (size, composure, hitting open shots).

the dawgs looked awesome handling business on hawaii. the rainbow warriors don't stand a chance now that USC recruits all the good polynesians. here's to '08, really might be the dawgs' year. though they do have a brutal schedule.

thanks to all who made it to the ladyfriend and my christmas bash at the new digs (naming rights up in the air, maybe "casa de lyndon"?). big pink is now under contract for sale, which is awesome/sad.

props to reno and baby panda for djing a righteous new years eve bash. big ups also to heavy petty, the tom petty cover band. took me back to the first concert i ever attended, petty and the heartbreakers at the omni in '94 ['95?] soon after i got my license; i was dancing like the bowman on ecstasy. also props to panda and the poet for their shindig, which was awesome but kept me out way too late.