Friday, April 28, 2006

setting the record straight.

ok, so let's clarify something here. USC did not win the national championship in 2003. reggie bush and matt leinart are not two-time national champions. LSU won the national chapmsionship in 2003, USC won it in 2004, Texas won it in 2005.

the hype prior to the national championship game was unbearable. "could USC be the first team in the modern era to win three straight championships?" no they could not have, because they had only won 1 national title prior to that. we're getting another rash of this bullshit leading up to tomorrow's NFL draft: "how could somebody pass on matt leinart? he's a proven winner, with two national championships under his belt." no argument on leinart's "intangible qualities", but he only won 1 championship.

i realize this is a pointless and redundant rant. but this has really been festering with me. this is seemingly universally held and oft-mentioned fallacy.

yes, i know that the AP choose USC as its champion in 2003. but college football choose LSU. i suppose media people are just self-aggrandizing: since they choose the AP champ, that must be the real champion. wrong. the BCS certainly has its flaws; but right now it is what is in place. it sets the bowl schedule, and it alone determines the national champion.

i wish nothing but success for reggie bush and matt leinart in the NFL. and 40 years from now, i hope they're enjoying a cold one together on the front porch of one or the other's manse, talking wistfully about that time they won a national championship.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

sexual desperation

the sauce is at it again.

a modest opportunity to defend basic american values:

everybody please sign this.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

wu tang is here fo eva...motha fuckas.

i thought i'd find out what sauce's wu-name is; it's "Jive Talkin' Choirboy". i think that's somehow right on the money.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Azure 2005 Vol 5

This is actual text written by one of my former students from last year's yearbook, which I sat and read through last night, before going out, while watching 100 Teen Stars on VH1:
"I keep my eye on fashion and manage to get the best outfits before everyone else knows about them. I like shopping out of state, in places like New York...I love the saying 'Dress to impress' because you never know who you will run into when you go out. So I always make sure to look 'clean' when I leave the bouse. Always in the best and nothing less. I'm sorry if that sounds arrogant but that's just the way it is."
Maybe you have to know the student to see the humor, but the yearbook is full of classic shit like this that sounds like some guy making a black comedy about high schoolers made it up. I would let the 4KS staff borrow it, but I'm actually borrowing it myself. This guy was actually fairly alright, if occasionally annoying, and often-times lazy. We spent about 15 minutes one Friday afternoon watching his football highlight film in class. It was awesome. Soundtrack and all.
On another note, the Werner Herzog feature in this week's New Yorker is amazing. Among other things, it details his recent experiences filming his first Hollywood feature with Christian Bale, in what sounds like a real-life Incident at Loch Ness.
Ghostface-If you're reading this, you should move to Grant Park, East ATL, Kirkwood, Candler Park or Inman Park.

These are a few of my favorite things

Sitting at my desk on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, wishing I somehow had a job that allowed me to write with unabashed nerdery about the confluence of the NBA Playoffs and Pearl Jam. Also want to send a shoutout to Ghostface, Sydney is eagerly awaiting your return to Georgia.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

happy 4/20 from the sauce:

"Grandboy is what I would like to call a grandson, if I get one. It's probably funnier if you smoke up a bit before you ponder the possibilities..."

leonardo dicaprio is a good actor.

i like leo. he makes good movies. as SM pointed out, he's only pigeonholed as a lame "heartthrob" guy because he did two cheesy romantic films in a rowe: romeo & juliet and titanic. but consider the other films he's made. my personal top 5 "leo" movies:

1. the aviator
2. gangs of new york
3. basketball diaries
4. what's eating gilbert grape
5. titanic

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Three observations from the ATL

1. The new Hot Grits record is pretty damn good, more Deadish than I expected at times, and Saucey's screams are just as good as the air drums he was playing on the porch to the new Loose Fur album (isn't there a member of Wilco in that band?)
2. The $17.99 I paid at Tower for the Boredoms' Super Ae was horribly inappropriate. I should have paid more. Much more.
3. If you're driving down Auburn Avenue, late afternoon, kicking the new Ghostface, feeling white, leave it to some guy with a German WWII infantry helmet riding a Harley with his face painted to look like a skeleton to make you feel even more lame.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Three reasons to go to your local record shop

Sonic Youth (The Blue EP)-Just reissued, the first thing SY ever put out, way before they became pussies and started making pop albums like Bad Moon Rising and Evol. Worth the money alone for the 5 live songs from the time, two of which i had never heard in any incarnation, one of which, "Destroyer," is not a KISS cover, sadly. $9.99, cheap, buy it.

Three Six Mafia The End-Besides being the best Memphis rap meets Dario Argento record I'll probably ever buy, the we put this together at Kinko's using the color printer sleeve has a particularly awesome categorical bio for each member of the group. Apparently Koopsta Knicca's hobbies include "Biblical history, animal wildlife and women." I haven't taken this one off the turner since I got it and I probably won't anytime soon.

Ghostface Killah Fishscale-Probably just as good as Supreme Clientele, which was maybe the 2nd or third best WuTang effort ever, by my count. This guy always sounds like he could rap, breathlessly, over someone reading the dictionary if he had too. Includes one full WuTang song, which somehow includes ODB. Go figure.

Waiting to hear KB's full opinion of SOul Jazz'z new Voodoo thing.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

alright bitches !

It's my last week in Athens and my last day of work at the lovely Little Kings tonight. After a Venice is Sinking CD Listening Party the almighty DJ Mahogany is playing some danceable tunes to spice up the night. So you better come out!

If today is not the best day to celebrate for you (we have some older 30+ people here and I know it is getting harder and harder for them to leave the house after 8.30pm on a weekday) I'd like to invite you to the Manhattan on Saturday night so I can say farewell to all of you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thank you!!!

I wanted to say thank you to all the handsome peeps and peepettes that made my birthday such a wonderful and special day. I had a lot of fun at Cici's Pizza and I'm so glad that all of my friends were there with me to celebrate it. I also want to thank everyone for the wonderful gifts. I've already depleted my McDonalds gift card. I'm hoping maybe my future ex-husband will join me for romantic dinner at Chili's. Don't worry Sauce you won't have to pay for a thing. Oh, I'm also waiting for the other gifts that were mentioned further on down. Keep it real...

cool shit:

the "today's pictures" feature on slate has dope photo essays. definitely watch the harry gruyaert one, which features audio commentary. i think being a reknowned photographer would be the coolest way imaginable to make a living.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

MTW, ATL etc.

Announcement: Mark T. Wethersby's 31st birthday
CiCi's Italiano (ATL HWY)
6 pm
This Sunday, the 9th
All readers of 4KS are invited. Mark likes chain restaurants (make sure they serve hamburgers, bbq, hot dogs, or-on the daring side-spaghetti), dvds, music (though he probably already has whatever you're thinking about getting him), and nude pictures of the following: jeremy sellars, michael keane, and david connelly

On another note:
This weekend, alongside Kenny Bloggins, PS and DJ Strawberry Julius, I attended the afternoon showing of ATL, a somewhat disappointing film about the struggles of the young black American in one of the blackest cities in the USA. Highlights included (1) a compelling performance by that guy that, supposedly, nobody ever thinks about when they think about Outkast, who is actually just as talented as the prince/david bowie figure in the band, (2)some awesome rollerskating in a particularly awesome rink and (3) the occasionally cool but less so than i expected thrill of seeing places that i've been to on the screen. Point three made me think back to the greatest depiction of the ATL I have ever witnessed on screen, an Italian horror movie, part of the Euroshock collection (carried at Vision Broad), called Cannibal Apocalypse, shot in Atlanta, and starring the white kung fu master in Enter the Dragon, John somethingoranother. Anyway, the film starts off in the Nam, where John whatever and friends are forced, out of hunger, to start eating other people. Apparently, when they get back to the world, the thirst for flesh has some sort of simultaneous recurrence within their respective bellies and they start eating their fellow Atlantans, all of which leads to a whirlwind trek across such notable landmarks as lovely Druid Hills (also in ATL, and Driving Miss Daisy), downtown Decatur, the ATL downtown, and what appeared to be some sort of Value Village in Decatur. Anyway, besides being way better than ATL, the cityscapes are way more identifiable, and it will cost you like a buck fifty to rent verse the going movie theatre price. True, Big Boi is nowhere to be found in CApocalypse, but John whateverhisnameis is, and he's fairly bad ass. As far as new movies go, Slither is awesome. I saw it at Starlight last night. ACtual line: "It smells like rotting mayonaise." Indeed.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

it's a celebration, bitches.

chew on this.